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Legal notices and exclusion of liability

About Sirota Consulting

LLC Sirota Consulting provides financial and legal services, in particular, accounting and legal consulting, and keeps within the legislation and regulations of the Russian Federation or other countries it operates in. While LCC Sirota Consulting will continue to keep absolute confidentiality to its clients and legal professional privileges, information will be exchanged with the partners and branches of LCC Sirota Consulting for valuation and implementation of the company business processes.

LLC Sirota Consulting is a limited liability company, registered in the Russian Federation, Moscow, on 9 June 2006, main state registration number 1067746690516.

A list of LLC Sirota Consulting members together with those members who are ranked as partners with their professional qualification is available for examination in its registered office at Letnikovskaya str. 16, Moscow, Russia. Any reference to a consultant, partner or member of LLC Sirota Consulting in official sources acknowledges the occupying position and qualification.

LLC Sirota Consulting is assigned an individual tax number of a taxpayer by the relevant authorities (registration number 7706622422).

We are insured against a professional error and ready for professional indemnification in compliance with the international requirements and practices in a German insurance branch of Allianz* by the public indemnity insurance contract №ОК20 – 130108483. For further information, please contact the general counsel in Moscow.

All LCC Sirota Consulting activities are regulated in accordance with the legal regulations of the Russian Federation and/or the adopted and updated legislation of the Russian Federation.

The present guidance of legal notices and exclusion of liability was last reviewed and updated on September 1, 2013.

Our services

The standard conditions on which we provide financial and legal advice are available via this link. Furthermore, every regional practice and every international office has additional data. For precise information, please contact the head of a relevant region or to the senior officer of a relevant office.

Website access conditions

The conditions under which the website access is allowed in the following way:

  • Sirota Consulting uses all reasonable efforts in order to guarantee that the materials and information on the present website are exact and complete. Nevertheless, they are intended for general information purposes. They are not intended to be universal or include any advice which one could rely on and adhere to.  Should you have a question, consult a competent counsel on a particular legal matter.
  • Links from this web site to any other web site are provided exclusively as a matter of convenience and do not signify affiliation or approval on the part of LLC Sirota Consulting. LLC Sirota Consulting does not bear liability for the content of any other web sites which refer to the present site or are related to it.
  • LLC Sirota Consulting may control visits on this web site and not keep user information in the public domain. We do not provide any information to the third party.

You may print or download any material from this site and keep its copy for your private use. You need a permission for any other use of materials including but not limited to its incorporation into any other electronic or printed copies of the document.

The present guidance of legal notices and exclusion of liability was last reviewed and updated on September 1, 2013.

Anti-bribery and corruption standard

Corrupt and bribery activities, subornation or extortion attempts are totally unacceptable for the legal, moral and ethical reasons, and these kinds of proposals are not considered by our company; if anyone offers subornation or corrupt activities, we are entitled to contact the law enforcement authorities of the Russian Federation  with the purpose of the parties protection.  Various laws prohibiting bribery and corruption refer to our internal policy, in view of the fact that we operate according to the law of the Russian Federation.

The present guidance of legal notices and exclusion of liability was last reviewed and updated on September 1, 2013.


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Our responsibility

Sirota Consulting Company cares about its clients and takes full responsibility towards them. In case of suffering losses while working with us, you will receive insurance company compensation in full.

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