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The business park concept.

In a down economy and introduced sanctions against Russia, which greatly pushed the current economic situation into complications, we offer to unite in a business park alliance, which will bring an opportunity to foreign investors (business proprietaries in Russia) to stay in business or to come into the Russian market.

The actual approach is instrumental in:

  • total concentration on saving / business developing
  • enhancing of expenditure and fiscal discipline monitoring
  • mitigating of tax exposure in Russia
  • bringing the administration costs substantially down

This mutually beneficial alliance will allow to put our knowledge and experience for the investors’ business prosperity.

The business park model is as follows:

  1. Our company on behalf of the investor can take over an exclusive implementation body (executive director) functions. Such an option allows to foreign investors to implement control over business in Russia.
  2. In order to cost saving, our company can execute accountant-general functions as well.
  3. We can also provide an available office space to rent, working places which are located just in the centre of Moscow (10 minutes on foot from Paveletskaya metro station, direct connection with the Domodedovo airport by aero-express train).
  4. Depending on the investor’s requirements, we can provide:

Our main goal is to assist in maintaining the business of European investors in Russia and to attract new investors focusing their attention on potential opportunities of Russian market.



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