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  1. How long has SIROTA CONSULTING been providing consulting services in the market?

    SIROTA CONSULTING company was set up by ANNA SIROTA in 2006, in Moscow. For more than seven years we have been  providing support to foreign companies in establishing and developing business in Russia. The main spheres of our activities: maintaining of accounting records, accounts and records reporting, tax consulting, legal consulting, top management coaching, etc.

  2. To what companies do you provide support

    LLC Sirota Consulting clients are small and medium-sized businesses, as well as international concerns, regardless of the sphere of their activities, whom we consult on business matters in Russia.

  3. We have not yet set up a company but we would like to hire employees. Is it possible?

    Yes, of course. We can settle an outstaffing contract, then your employees will be taken on the staff in our company, until your company is established.

  4. What is essential for a firm registration in Russia?

    Before the establishment it is necessary to define what organizational and legal form suits best your company: a representative office, a branch or a subsidiary company. Consulting us for advice, we will communicate to you the details of advantages and disadvantages of every form, and we will help to choose the right variant.

    The next step is the appointment of a general director, who will sign all  the necessary documents. Furthermore, registration requires a legal address, at  which all state institutions will send their correspondence.

    Accounting is surrendered on a quarterly basis in Russia, for that reason from the very beginning you should appoint a person responsible for accounting records maintaining. You can hire an accountant or, for instance, make use our outsourcing services.

    Should you wish to get more detailed information about our offer “Setting up a business in Russia”, call us in Moscow at +7 / 495 / 22 105 33.  You also may send us an e-mail at info@sirotaconsulting.com

  5. Is it possible to employ our Western accounting program in Russia?

    Usually we recommend an accounting software 1C for operation in Russia, produced by a cognominal firm, as far as it conforms to the accounting requirements.

    The other programs conform these requirements only partly or do not comply with them at all. Unfortunately, the standard version of 1C is not intended for financial rating according to a Western pattern.

  6. Do you offer legal services?

    We support companies in the following spheres:

    • Work permits / procurement of visas
    • Contracts of employment
    • Settling contracts on a subsidiary company financing
    • Settling contracts on concession of services within a company
    • Change of legal address
    • LLC and representative offices liquidation

    We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we are not a law firm, and in relevant cases we get our clients to the companies specializing in these kinds of services.

  7. May I get a job in your company?

    SIROTA CONSULTING is in constant search for motivated and qualified members of staff. We also provide recruitment services in accounting and finance for our clients.

    Learn here about our requirements and conditions of application process.

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Welcome to our information section ! Here you can find the answers to frequently asked questions and learn useful recommendations, inquiries and requirements.

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