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Legal consulting

Sirota Consulting carries out expert examination of documents and companies due deligence irrespective of the form of ownership. We also successfully assist in preparation of claims and actions, courtroom, government and executive bodies representation.

The company helps with registration of legal entities, accrediting of branches and representative offices, modification of constituent documents, reorganization of enterprise structure, irrespective of the form of ownership, liquidation of juridical persons.

Sirota Consulting represents interests of its clients concerning all legal issues in the field of:

  • Legal Audit (due diligence) of the company and its assets;
  • Legal Arrangements;
  • Expert Examination and Preparation of Treaties and other Legal Documents
  • Foundation, Registration and Liquidation of legal entities, branches and representative offices and their administration, the reorganization of legal entities;
  • Courtroom Representation;
  • Conducting Bankruptcy Entity;
  • Debt Enforcement (Courtroom Representation);

Our Services allow:

  • To mitigate risks and expenses;
  • To effect a deal in a minimum term;
  • To organise legal business stucture;
  • To protect assets;
  • To support in launching of legal function;
  • To arrange assets confidential management;

The legal consulting having been accomplished by our experts, will provide you with the timely and professional help.

We guarantee non-public character of co-operating with the Clients and we bear responsibility for the results subject to the current legislation and terms of the contract.


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Our responsibility

Sirota Consulting Company cares about its clients and takes full responsibility towards them. In case of suffering losses while working with us, you will receive insurance company compensation in full.

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